Top 6 Hand-Picked Perfect Matches at HolisticBags

September 02, 2023 2 min read

Hey lovely souls, it's Elaine.✨

I've been pouring my heart and soul into HolisticBags, and I've discovered some enchanting combinations in our collection. Think of them as the perfect cup of tea; the flavors just blend beautifully. 

Besides the obvious elegance it lends, pairing your accessories creates a harmonized look that speaks volumes about your style and intent. It's a declaration that you're thoughtful, refined, and deliberate in your choices.

By the way, there's a tiny sprinkle of magic I've infused: when you indulge in these curated pairs, you’ll get a 10% off. Just sprinkle in the code: MATCH10.

But let's dig into these pairings first.

1. Journey of Fearless Trust & Radiant Faith

With each accessory, you're drawn into a world of fearless trust and radiant faith.

It’s like holding a compass, always pointing to your heart’s true North, urging you to leap, trust, and love.

2. Sunflower Serenades & Still Moments

Sunflowers and stillness. This pair invites you to pause amidst the chaos.

Their deep, rooted message, combined with the playful beauty of sunflowers and butterflies, embodies the beauty of life's still moments.

3. Whimsical Whispers of Faith Amongst Florals

A breezy day, daisies swaying, and a hummingbird hovering. This pair is like that fleeting moment of nature's beauty, wrapped up with a ribbon of faith.

It's a gentle reminder that even in the smallest of moments, there’s magic.

4. Carrying Christ’s Promise & Power

Walking with this duo feels like being enveloped in a loving embrace.

The promise of Philippians 4:13 on fine leather reminds you of Christ's strength, guiding every step and every purchase.

5. Dancing Daisies of Trust

Strolling through a meadow of daisies, feeling the wind in your hair, and a gentle whisper urging you to keep faith alive. That's the aura of this duo.

The floral touch, combined with the profound message, creates an accessory that's more than just functional.

6. Symphony of Love & Faith

Imagine a serene evening, the sunset painting the sky, and butterflies waltzing around. The ‘You Are Loved’ leather bag exudes such warmth.

Pairing it with the “Way Maker” wallet is pure harmony. It's like a blend of love, faith, and a touch of nature's beauty.

In wrapping up this curated journey, remember the magic! When you're swooning over these pairs, use code MATCH10  to unwrap that sweet 10% off.

Stay radiant and keep weaving stories,
Elaine 💖

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