New Fall Arrivals: Merging Bible Verses with Autumn Aesthetics

August 24, 2023 4 min read

Hey there, everyone! 🌟

Are you ready for a little early fall magic?

You know how stores get all those Halloween candies out super early? Well, we're getting a jumpstart on the autumn vibes too! But instead of candy corn, we're blending warm colors, Bible verses, and that special feeling that only fall can bring.

Let's blend them with the early vibes of fall. A hint of what’s coming, all wrapped up in faith and fashion. And so, with a twinkle in our eyes and excitement in our hearts, our early Fall Collection came to life.

I invite you to take a little sneak peek into what's waiting just around the corner! πŸ‚πŸ‘œπŸ“–

1. "He Will Be Our Peace" Leather Bag

A Warm, Cozy Hug in Bag Form

Ever wanted a bag that's like a big, reassuring hug? Here it is! Inspired by Micah 5:5, it's a soft reminder that even on crazy days, there's peace waiting for us. Swirls of gentle colors make it feel like you're looking at a calm sunset. Imagine carrying this bag and feeling a bit more relaxed with every step.

2. "For God So Loved the World" Leather Bag

The Ultimate Love Story
John 3:16 might just be the biggest love message ever. This bag wears that message like a badge of honor. Bright, bold, and full of heart, it's like a reminder that the world is full of love. And when you carry it, you're sharing that love with everyone around you.

3. "Every Day is a New Beginning" Leather Bag

A Fresh Start Every Morning
Some days, we all need a do-over. This bright and bubbly bag is your daily cheerleader, cheering you on. It tells you that every sunrise is a fresh start. Dressed in hopeful colors, it's like carrying a little bit of tomorrow's promise today.

4. "Blessed Are the Pure in Heart" Leather Bag

Shine On, Kind Heart!
Ever had a day when everything seemed to glow? Matthew 5:8 talks about pure hearts, and this bag is like a ray of sunshine, shining that pure light. Soft, warm tones make this bag feel like a sunny day – perfect for the kind-hearted souls out there!

5. "Behold the Lamb of God" Leather Bag

A Gentle Reminder of Sacrifice
This isn't just a bag. It's a story – a really, really old one. Inspired by John 1:29, it carries a deep message of sacrifice and love. The subtle design feels timeless, and every time you carry it, you're part of that grand story.

6. "As Long As I Have Breath, I Will Pray" Leather Bag

Whispered Promises on the Go
Some bags just speak to the soul, and this is one of them. It carries the whispers of Psalm 116:2, reminding you to always have a chat with God. It's like having a quiet moment of reflection, even on the busiest streets.

7. "A Child of God" Leather Bag

Big Family Feels
This bag is all about belonging. It's like wearing a badge that says, "Hey, I'm part of something BIG!" It's a celebration of being part of a huge family – God's family. Bright, bold, and brimming with love, it's a daily shoutout to our identity.

8. "I’m the Way" Zip-Around Leather Wallet

Your Pocket Guide to Life
Little things can have big messages. This wallet, inspired by John 14:6, is like your mini life compass. The sleek design holds an age-old truth, helping you remember your path even when things get a bit twisty.

9. "Full of Grace" Zip-Around Leather Wallet

Carry a Pocket Full of Blessings
Think of this wallet as a tiny box of surprises. With a nod to John 1:16, it's like every compartment and pocket spills out blessings. The rich, deep colors make it feel like you're holding a bit of the evening sky – full of stars and grace.

10. "Faith Can Move Mountains" Zip-Around Leather Wallet

Tiny Pep Talks, Big Mountains
Every time you unzip this wallet, imagine it's giving you a little pep talk. The design, taking its cue from Matthew 17:20, speaks of faith, power, and all the mountains we can move. It's small, but it sure packs a punch of inspiration.

And so, we reach the end of our list...

Autumn has always been a time of reflection and gratitude for me. As the season unfolds, my heart swells with gratitude for this beautiful journey of merging faith with aesthetics... And now, I invite you to share this journey, to find that piece that resonates with your heart.

A Special Gift for Early Birds! 🎁

To celebrate the early vibes of our Fall Collection, we're giving a special treat: $10 off for all orders over $49! But wait, there's a catch (a fun one, promise!) – you've got to be quick. Use the code FALL10 at checkout. Hurry, though – this offer's good until 11:59 PM on August 25.


Ready to embrace the early whispers of fall with HolisticBags? Dive into our new arrivals and let your faith shine brightly this season. After all, as the leaves soon fall and the world turns golden, isn't it time to carry a piece of faith, elegantly by your side?

Stay blessed and stylish,

~ Elaine.

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